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Order Plot Set Name Signal ID Town Major Route Minor Route
88015 ed-test        
79157 MS640 MS640 Waterbury VT-100 Shaw's Shopping Center
79156 MS563 MS563 Essex VT-2A VT-289 West Bound Ramp
79155 MS523 MS523 South Burlington VT-116 Kennedy Drive
79154 MS515 MS515 South Burlington US-7 Harbor View Road
79153 MS910 MS910 Derby US-5 Shattuck Hill Road
79152 MS908 MS908 Derby US-5 Quarry Road
79151 MS901 MS901 Newport VT-191 Western Ave
79150 MS829 MS829 Colchester US-2 I-89 Ramp
79149 MS828 MS828 Colchester US-2 I-89 Ramp
79148 MS820 MS820 Swanton VT-78 Robin Hood Dr.
79147 MS813 MS813 St Albans VT-104 St. Albans State Highway
79146 MS811 MS811 St Albans VT-104 VT-36
79145 MS810 MS810 St Albans VT-104 VT-105
79144 MS804 MS804 St Albans US-7 VT-207
79143 MS803 MS803 St Albans US-7 Highgate Shopping Center
79142 MS802 MS802 St Albans US-7 Price Chopper
79141 MS801 MS801 Milton US-7 Hannafords
79140 MS715 MS715 Lyndon US-5 VT 114 & VT 122
79139 MS710 MS710 Lyndon US-5 Back Center Rd.
79138 MS704 MS704 Bradford US-5 VT-25
79137 MS702 MS702 St Johnsbury US-5 Green Mountain Mall
79136 MS701 MS701 St Johnsbury US-5 I-91 Access Road
79135 MS648 MS648 East Montpelier US-2 VT-14
79133 MS638 MS638 Waterbury VT-100 Blush Hill
79132 MS636 MS636 Waterbury VT-100 I-89 SB Off Ramp
79131 MS635 MS635 Waterbury US-2 Park Row
79130 MS633 MS633 Waterbury US-2 Stowe Street
79129 MS623 MS623 Morristown VT-100 Stowe Street
79128 MS620 MS620 Morristown VT-100 VT-15
79127 MS615 MS615 Barre Town VT-14 VT-63
79126 MS612 MS612 Barre City VT-62 Berlin Street
79125 MS609 MS609 Berlin VT-62 Fisher Road (CVH)
79124 MS608 MS608 Berlin VT-62 Berlin Mall Entrance
79123 MS607 MS607 Berlin VT-62 Paine Turnpike
79122 MS606 MS606 Berlin US-302 Ames Shopping Center
79121 MS605 MS605 Berlin US-302 Mcdonalds
79120 MS604 MS604 Berlin US-302 Vermont Shopping Center
79119 MS603 MS603 Berlin US-302 Berlin State Highway
79118 MS601 MS601 Montpelier Montpelier State Highway National Life Drive
79117 MS577 MS577 Williston US-2 Boxwood Street
79116 MS572 MS572 Williston VT-2A Marshall Ave.
79112 MS553 MS553 Essex VT-15 VT-289 East Bound Ramp
79111 MS590 MS590 Colchester VT-2A Mill Pond Rd.
79110 MS585 MS585 Hinesburg VT-116 Commerce St
79109 MS581 MS581 Williston US-2 Talcott Road
79108 MS580 MS580 Richmond US-2 VT-117
79107 MS579 MS579 Williston US-2 Zephyr Lane
79106 MS578 MS578 Williston US-2 Simons Plaza (Maple Tree Place)
79104 MS576 MS576 Richmond US-2 Jericho Rd.
79103 MS575 MS575 Hinesburg VT-116 Charlotte Rd.
79102 MS574 MS574 Hinesburg Vt-116 CVU Corner
79101 MS573 MS573 Williston VT-2A Conner Way
79099 MS571 MS571 Williston VT-2A I-89 Exit 12 North Bound Ramps
79098 MS570 MS570 Williston VT-2A I-89 Exit 12 South Bound Ramps
79097 MS569 MS569 Williston VT-2A Industrial Ave
79096 MS568 MS568 Williston US-2 VT-2A
79095 MS567 MS567 Williston US-2 Brownell Rd.
79094 MS566 MS566 Williston US-2 Industrial Ave.
79093 MS565 MS565 Williston US-2 Harvest Lane
79092 MS564 MS564 Essex VT-117 VT-289 East Bound Ramp
79090 MS562 MS562 Essex VT-2A Susie Wilson Rd.
79089 MS559 MS559 Essex VT-15 Old Stage Road
79088 MS558 MS558 Essex VT-15 VT-128
79087 MS557 MS557 Essex VT-15 Price Chopper
79086 MS556 MS556 Essex VT-15 Essex Way
79085 MS555 MS555 Essex VT-15 Billie Butler Drive
79084 MS554 MS554 Essex VT-15 VT-289 West Bound Ramp
79082 MS551 MS551 Essex VT-15 Susie Wilson Rd.
79081 MS550 MS550 Essex VT-15 Ethan Allen Ave
79080 MS542 MS542 Colchester VT-15 Fort Ethan Allen
79079 MS537 MS537 Colchester US-7 US2 (Chimney Corners)
79078 MS541 MS541 Colchester VT-15 Camp Johnson
79077 MS106 MS106 Bennington US-7 Kosher Drive
79063 MS539 MS539 Colchester VT-15 Lime Kiln Rd.
79062 MS538 MS538 Colchester VT-15 St Mike's West
79059 MS536 MS536 Colchester US-7 Severence Road
79058 MS534 MS534 Colchester US-7 Mountain View Drive
79057 MS533 MS533 Colchester US-7 Hercules Drive
79056 MS532 MS532 Colchester US-7 Rathe Road
79055 MS531 MS531 Colchester US-7 I-89 Exit 16 North
79054 MS530 MS530 Colchester US-7 I-89 Exit 16 South
79053 MS529 MS529 Colchester US-7 South Park Dr. (Mcdonalds)
79052 MS524 MS524 South Burlington US-7 Laurel Hill
79051 MS540 MS540 Colchester VT-15 St. Mike's East
79046 MS522 MS522 South Burlington US-7 Swift St.
79045 MS521 MS521 South Burlington US-7 Queen City Parkway
79044 MS520 MS520 South Burlington US-7 Brewer Parkway
79043 MS519 MS519 South Burlington US-7 Baldwin Ave
79042 MS518 MS518 South Burlington US-7 Mcintosh Rd.
79040 MS517 MS517 South Burlington US-7 Holmes Rd.
79039 MS516 MS516 South Burlington US-7 Bartlett Bay Rd.
79037 MS514 MS514 Shelburne US-7 Allen Road
79036 MS513 MS513 Shelburne US-7 Martindale Road
79035 MS512 MS512 Shelburne US-7 Lakeview
79034 MS511 MS511 Shelburne US-7 Webster Rd.
79033 MS509 MS509 Shelburne US-7 Pine Haven Shore Rd.
79032 MS508 MS508 Shelburne US-7 Bay Rd. and Executive Drive
79031 MS507 MS507 Shelburne US-7 Longmeadow Drive
79030 MS506 MS506 Shelburne US-7 Harbor Rd. (TH-1)
79029 MS505 MS505 Shelburne US-7 Bostwick Rd.
79028 MS504 MS504 Ferrisburg US-7 Monkton Road
79027 MS503 MS503 Charlotte US-7 Ferry Road
79026 MS502 MS502 Ferrisburg US-7 VT-22A
79025 MS501 MS501 Middlebury US-7 Shopping Center
79024 MS500 MS500 Middlebury US-7 Middle Rd.
79023 MS411 MS411 Norwich US-5 & I-91 VT-10A
79022 MS410 MS410 Norwich I-91 VT-10A Eastside
79021 MS408 MS408 Norwich VT-10A River Rd.
79020 MS406 MS406 Hartford US-5 Worcester Ave
79019 MS405 MS405 Hartford US-4 Bridge Street
79018 MS404 MS404 Hartford US-5 US-4 & VT-14
79017 MS403 MS403 Hartford US-5 North Main Street
79016 MS402 MS402 Hartford US-5 US-4
79015 MS401 MS401 Hartford US-5 Sykes Mountain Ave.
79014 MS318 MS318 Castleton VT-4A VT-30
79013 MS316 MS316 West Rutland VT-4A VT-Business 4
79012 MS313 MS313 Rutland US-7 Holiday Inn (Ponderosa)
79011 MS312 MS312 Rutland US-4 RR Crossing
79010 MS311 MS311 Rutland US-4 Home Depot
79009 MS310 MS310 Rutland VT-Business 4 VT-3 (Ctr Rutland)
79008 MS309 MS309 Rutland US-7 Post Rd. (CVPS)
79007 MS308 MS308 Rutland US-7 Cold River Rd.
79006 MS307 MS307 Rutland US-7 Seward Rd. (Denny's)
79005 MS306 MS306 Rutland US-7 US-4
79004 MS305 MS305 Rutland US-7 Windcrest Road
79003 MS303 MS303 Clarendon US-7 North Shrewsbury Rd
79002 MS302 MS302 Clarendon US-7 VT-103
79001 MS301 MS301 Wallingford US-7 VT-140
79000 MS210 MS210 Weathersfield US-5 VT-12 & VT-131
78999 MS205 MS205 Brattleboro US-5 Ferry Rd (C&S Grocers)
78998 MS203 MS203 Brattleboro US-5 Black Mountain Road
78997 MS202 MS202 Brattleboro US-5 Brattleboro North Shopping Center
78996 MS201 MS201 Brattleboro US-5 Fairfield Plaza
78995 MS118 MS118 Wilmington VT-100 VT-9
78994 MS107 MS107 Bennington VT-9 VT-279
78993 MS105 MS105 Bennington VT-7A Benmont Ave.
78992 MS104 MS104 Bennington VT-7A Orchard Road
78991 MS101 MS101 Bennington VT-67A Ramp J
78990 MS101A MS101A Bennington VT-67A Ramp J
78987 MS103 MS103 Bennington VT-7A Walmart
78986 MS102 MS102 Bennington VT-7A VT-67A
78982 MS100 MS100 Bennington VT-67A Bennington Acres